PATE arts & crafts was founded by Siyanda Mazibuko and Xola Dube, two good friends who have always shared a lot in common. they started their first business together in high school. They sold muffins and its funny how they work now is how they worked back then, Siyanda made the muffins and Xola sold them. They both did visual arts in school and that's where the passion and love for art and design was discovered.


At PATE arts and crafts we are responsible for creating living spaces. Our purpose or aim is to give our customers the experience to create their own living space through our wide range of product, artwork and house hold accessories.


We believe in top craftsmanship to produce the best quality. Our essence or nature is not necessarily to follow trends or set them; we imagine things and create them therefore that allow us to remain distinctive.


PATE is the place in your mind where everything begins. Where imagination gives birth to creativity and creativity manifests into ideas and through our ideas we create. PATE. We imagine. We create.